Adobe Muse: An Introduction for BC Users

Adobe Muse: An Introduction for BC Users

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  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Topic: Muse and BC Integration


Are you a BC partner wanting to learn more about Adobe Muse? Watch the video series, “Adobe Muse: An Introduction for BC Users” recorded by Karim Ardalan for BC Gurus. The intro video is free to watch, the second part is for Premium users only.


Please post your comments and feedback about Adobe Muse: An Introduction for BC Users and any suggestions for future videos.

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I was pulling my hair out trying to sort the back end of my clients CMS when I watched a webinar with Karim Ardalan, it was on using Adobe Muse and Business Catalyst, I have just started using this system with my clients and it was a great watch! After the show I sent Karim an email asking some pretty technical questions about the problems I was having. And without any hesitation Karim got back to me and knew exactly what the problem was with a solution in tow! I only have great things to say for AID+BC and Karim himself, Thanks to AID+BC for offereing such a knowledgable and friendly service!

Aaron Grieve, Feature Design