AID+BC Launches Tutorials!

Written by AID+BC on 03-Oct-2013

AID+BC is really excited to announce our new tutorials! Having worked with Business Catalyst since 2008 and Muse since 2012, we've received a lot of questions from users on how to integrate the two products. With our new tutorials we aim to provide step-by-step instructions to help you connect these two great platforms. We hope you enjoy the first tutorial, and look forward to your feedback and suggestions for future topics.

Partner Orientation Webinar — Muse & BC: A dynamic duo with Karim Ardalan from AID+BC

Written by AID+BC on 11-Sep-2013

Please join Karim Ardalan from AID+BC on October 23, 2013 for a webinar on integrating your Muse site with Business Catalyst. This webinar is part of the ongoing "Partner Orientation Webinars" that Adobe is offering.

TribeVita Template included in each course!

Written by AID+BC on 08-Feb-2013

We are pleased to announce that we are now including a free TribeVita e-commerce template with each class. That means each participant will be learning BC using the same website and then be able to take that template with them!

TribeVita templates are the industry standard in Business Catalyst templates and follow best practices for highest quality results. We couldn’t be happier to be able to offer each participant a free TribeVita e-commerce template. That's a $1,500 value!

Our first class, ‘Grow your online Business with BC’ will be on February 26-27, 2013 at Adobe’s offices in San Francisco. If you haven't registered already, do it today! Our early bird registration discount ends on February 8th.

Our big thanks to the TribeVita team for their generous support!

Announcement on the official Business Catalyst Blog

Written by AID+BC on 02-Feb-2013

We are thrilled to see the announcement of our upcoming Business Catalyst training classes posted on the official Business Catalyst blog! Due to this announcement, we've extended our early bird registration discount until February 8th. If you haven't registered yet, sign up today and save $200! Space is limited.'s_Hands-on_BC_Training_Program_powered_by_dashbee/

Announcing hands-on training classes on BC

Written by AID+BC on 22-Jan-2013

We are pleased to announce the dates for our upcoming Business Catalyst hands-on training course. Our 2-day training course will cover all major aspects of the BC platform.

We will teach you how to make the most of your Adobe Business Catalyst website and online business during our hands-on, in-person two day course. You will be provided with a laptop (or bring your own) to work on a demo website so your fingers can learn along with your brain! At the end of each day, our workshop sessions will facilitate what you learned on your own site and provide for one-on-one help.

Business Catalyst is updated regularly, so even experienced users may not be aware of some of the new time saving features. The more you know about the platform, the more you can use it to grow your online business.

After taking our BC Essential course you, you will be better able to:

  • Keep your content updated and Search engine friendly
  • Stay in touch with clients using Email Marketing
  • Generate leads
  • Grow your online store
  • Track results to see what's working and what needs updating

Our instructors are experienced BC developers who have developed hundreds of BC sites for a wide range of industries and clients.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

The first course offered will be at Adobe's offices in San Francisco, California, February 26-27, 2013. You can save $200 by using the early bird pricing of $395 (per day). Regular pricing of $495 goes into effect on February 1st. Space is limited. Register early.

Next course will be in Seattle, Washington. Sign up for our newsletter to be kept informed of upcoming cities and dates.

Look forward to seeing you or your BC clients at our next class.

Your team has saved my marriage (husbie is so happy he no longer has to think about my website).

Kori J.